The Impact of Law and Ethics in the Improvement of Public Services Provision in the Albanian Republic


Nowadays, countries with stable democracies, as well as consolidated means in the way of providing public services, have paid attention to the Public Administration. In addition to the legal remedy, necessary for the orientation of the ordering and decision-making activity that essentially typifies the Public Administration, it seems that the need to analyze the way public services are provided has been exposed. This apparently old tool, but under this context new, is Ethics. Reviewing literature, we think that, more emphasis is placed on developing countries, where Public Administration is found vulnerable to other phenomena, which damage the image and the most sensitive part: what the law or bylaws impose to Public Administration. This paper aims to bring a picture, at what level the ethical principle in the Albanian Public Administration has been raised and really functions, a principle which must go beyond the administrative activity.


Keywords: Decision Making, Ethics, Law, Public Administration, Public Service


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