The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Creating a Sustainable Law Practice in Nigeria


The quest for artificial intelligence by the world as a whole is to show the determinable level of human perceptions from humans towards machines and to replace themselves with those machines. By this foregoing, every profession in order to meet up with the new global reality has embraced the use of artificial intelligence in its operations. Law as a mother of all professions has followed suit to welcome the use of artificial intelligence in its world practice. Nigeria legal profession has also endeavoured to imbibe the use of artificial intelligence but that alone had led to divergent views by various authors on whether or not artificial intelligence can create and sustain the future of Nigeria law practice yearns for.This paper focuses on introduction and meaning of artificial intelligence, brief historical background of artificial intelligence vis a vis Nigeria Legal profession, statutory provisions regulating artificial intelligence in Nigeria legal system (if any), two school of thoughts on artificial intelligence in Nigeria law Practice and lastly is the conclusion and recommendations. To achieve these, the writer will make use of relevant materials at his disposal.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Nigeria legal profession and creating a sustainable law practice

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