China’s Contributions to the United Nations:the case of peacekeeping missions


The year 2018 marked the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up policies, and the 28th anniversary of China’s participation to the United Nations peacekeeping operations. In the past 28 years, China has firmly supported and actively participated in United Nations peacekeeping operations, becoming the permanent member country of the United Nations Security Council, with the most significant number of peacekeepers. Beyond the active participation, Beijing has also been one of the leading advocates of peaceful ways to conduct the peacekeeping missions and the respect of national sovereignty. This paper aims to capture the contribution of China to the United Nations’ peacekeeping operations, primarily its actions destined to strengthen the collective security mechanisms of the United Nations, to enhance the decision-making and operational capacity of peacekeeping operations to reinforce the basic principles and purposes of the United Nations. 

Keywords: China; peacekeeping; United Nations; contribution

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