China Pakistan Economic Corridor as a Key Part of Belt and Road Initiative


Currently, Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is proposed by Chinese government at the time when the international scenario is being changed and world economy is developing. BRI has successfully attainted the immense attention of world. Main focus of this initiative is connectivity and cooperation among nations to promote international trade and investment. It had identified six economic corridors to connect the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) being one of the corridors is a key part of this initiative. CPEC is a trade-cum-development deal which will establish economic and strategic connectivity among China and Pakistan. It involves the collaboration and development of infrastructure, trade and investment. This paper aims to evaluate the CPEC as a part of Belt and Road Initiative with reference to its projects in which China is investing in Pakistan.  Significance of CPEC will also be highlighted for China and Pakistan as well as for the region.

Keywords: Belt and Road Initiative; China Pakistan Economic Corridor; Gawader; Infrastructure; Energy; Industrial Zone

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