A Critical Analysis of China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement: Learning Experiences for Pakistan With Respect to its Future FTAS


Pakistan is currently negotiating with Thailand, Turkey, Singapore and Iran for its bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA) whereas, it has already implemented FTAs concluded with Sri Lanka, Malaysia and China, which are effective until now. Whilst negotiation for future FTAs are under way it is necessary for Pakistan to learn lessons from one of its most important FTA, namely the China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement (CPFTA) which has not been as beneficial for Pakistan as was being expected before the implementation of the agreement. Therefore, the focus point of discussion of this research paper is to analyse critically the China Pakistan Free Trade Agreement in order to find out why Pakistan could not derive the expected benefits form CPFTA? Recommendations will also be provided for consideration of the Government of Pakistan with respect to signing of its future FTAs so that those could be used for driving the full benefits for Pakistan from its upcoming FTAs.

Keywords: Exports, Free Trade Agreement, Imports, Negotiations

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