The Modern Paradigm of Criminal Justice: Restorative Justice


Restorative justice represents a new paradigm against the criminality, born and developed in the ground of the failure of punitive justice. As such, it brings a new ideology in the fight against crime, revealing a new perception for the offense, upon which takes life the restorative philosophy. The latter brings a very complex mechanism of action, whose ideals are manifested in the restorative programmes. Thus, the restorative justice satisfies its framework, in the theoretical viewpoint, as well as in the practical one, prompting its way to success. However, it remains a new ideology, still not affirmed and therefore it needs more promotion. In this regard, this paper aims to realize a framework of restorative justice, in the theoretical point of view, as well as in the practical one, to further highlight its problems and needs in the future.

Keywords: Justice, Philosophy, Problems, Programmes, Restorative

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