The Governance of Tin Mining in Bangka-Belitung Archipelago Province (From Perspective of Good Governance)


The objective of this research is the governance of tin mining which has not given the prosperity effect in Bangka-Belitung Archipelago Province. The tin mining is held without certainty and it is illegal. The governance of tin mining problem was analyzed with qualitative method. Data collecting was held by interview, documentation study and observation with the stakeholders who are relevant to this research as the key informants. The conclusion showed that the governance of thin mining has not given the optimal prosperity effect. It is caused by the lack of synergy among the local government, private entrepreneurs, inhabitant and no legislation synchronization. The stakeholders still have orientation with economy. In this case, the government targeted the Original Area Income from mining sector. Entrepreneurs and inhabitant oriented to look for advantages as much as possible. Meanwhile, the governance unsure of the governance implementation in tin mining sector is still low at accountability, transparency, participation, law enforcement, eradication corruption, poverty reduction, an insight into the future, orientation deal, and decentralization, so it needs the synergy of the stakeholders like local government, private, inhabitant and experts association and the partnership between PT. Timah or private company with inhabitant has to be set.

Keywords: Good Governance, Prosperity, Tin Mining

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