The paper focuses on the significance of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Nigeria with a view to ascertaining the legal and regulatory framework put in place and their consistency with international best practices. ISPs are a company that provides users and companies, corporation and government accesses to internet, creation of website and virtual hosting. ISPs used devices in the communication technology to install accesses links to internet in an area. Some of the larger ISPs operate a high-speed broadband. The paper examines ISPs as service providers to internet networks across the globe for the purpose of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The paper adopts doctrinal methodology approach wherein the relevant data collected was analysed and the finding brought out. The findings of the paper reveals that ISPs are conducting their businesses within the legal and regulatory frameworks put in place by the government and that they are duty bound to maintain a register of customers and monitor the activities of such customers and report any suspicious activities. It further reveals that Nigeria has the basic regulatory framework in monitoring the ISPs, but needs more in other to fight cyber crimes and competes globally. Therefore, the paper recommends that there should be a strong hold relationship between the law enforcement agencies and the ISPs so as to curb the menace of cybercrime. It further recommends that main ISPs should lead and enhance the way of ensuring reliability, integrity and security of the internet as a critical infrastructure and so does the others. That as a matter of urgency, the Bills before the National Assembly relating to ISPs be enacted into law in other to complement other relevant laws and to also enable Nigeria build business trust and benefits from international investment.

Keywords: Cyber Crime, Internet, Internet Service Providers, Telecommunication

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