Labour laws dictated by various legal systems are the backbone of healthy and safe working environment around the world. Such laws shape the structure of workplace, engineer the relationship between employers, employees, and guarantee protection to involved parties. Although there has been a rapid expansion of labour rules emerging at the international level, there is still a huge need for professional work assessing the commitment and implementation process. In essence, this research will enlighten the way for many academics to work forward addressing the subject of labour law development and enforcement in order to achieve better working conditions. The legal system of the Palestinian territory has acquired its current shape and texture through a process of incremental evolution over centuries. In particular, the Palestinian Labour Law No. 7 was promulgated in 2000 by the Legislative Council to ensure sound labour market governance. This paper presents a review of the working conditions clauses within the Palestinian, Jordanian, Egyptian, United Arab of Emirates and Turkish labour laws. In addition, the level of which the working conditions articles are applied within the Gaza Strip construction industry is assessed.

Keywords: Construction industry, Gaza Strip, Labour Law

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