Employment Problems for Disabled People, a Study of ILO Convention and Domestic Laws


Employment is considered as a crucial moment in the life of every individual who is capable of working. It takes a special significance when related to the social inclusion and the guaranteeing of economic independence for the disabled people in working age. This article aims to analyze the employment state of the disabled people in Albania as well as to shed light on the difficulties this target group faces in realizing and exercising the right of employment. This is made by analyzing international and the national legislation. Is this completed and above all is it being implemented? We have analyzed the employment situation of the disabled people in our country, the preventing factors which do not allow the law to be applied? Under the social-economic aspect is it better for this target group to be treated with social assistance or direct social governing policies towards a maximum potential integration for a real and guaranteed employment? Sample page: European –American Journal (Politics and Law)

Keywords: Convention, Disabilities, Domestic Laws, Employment

Article Review Status: Published

Pages: 38-42 (Download PDF)

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