Discourse of Globalization as a Domain of Colonization


Globalization or discourses about it enjoy universal spread. This global visibility persists despite the belief that there are features of globalization that is destructive of social equilibrium. This seeming contradictory nature is explored with Nigeria as a setting. Nine typical textual exemplars were theoretically sampled from leading Nigerian media and displayed as data. Analytical facilities found in Semiotics and Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) are drawn on in the analysis of the sampled textual exemplars. Analysis found that instead of focusing on the woeful economic consequences which should portray globalization in a bad light, the media report globalization in styles that hide globalization’s dire economic consequences. It is recommended that the mass media should embrace the emerging media technologies because such technologies could help the media mobilize ordinary people to recognize and resist the harmful attributes of globalization.

Keywords: Colonization, Discourse, Globalization

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