The Iranian Role in The Republic of Yemen and Peace Prospection


Yemeni conflict is a power dominance between local tribes and the government, has been globalized by the participation of external countries. The coalition intervention launched by Saudi Arabia in early 2015, which attempted to reduce the Houthi rebels, has exacerbated the crisis. In addition, the conflict has become a proxy battleground between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The purpose of this study is to examine the elements that entice Iran to become involved in the Yemen crisis by helping the Houthi. This paper will also emphasize Iranian meddling and its ramifications for Yemen and Saudi Arabia’s security. The study suggests that Shiism, anti-imperialism towards both the United States and Israel, and anti-Wahhabism are variables that encourage Iran to support the Houthis. In addition, Iran’s engagement in Yemen is motivated by its desire to further its political and ideological national goals.

Citation: Alshammari S. and Daud S. (2022) The Iranian Role in The Republic of Yemen and Peace Prospection, Global Journal of Political Science and Administration, Vol.10, No.5, pp.22-32


Keywords: Houthi, Intervention, Iran, Security, Yemen


Article Review Status: Published

Pages: 22-32 (Download PDF)

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