Involvement and Employee Performance in Public Universities in Uganda


The study sought to establish the effect of involvement on employee performance in public universities in Uganda.  Performance in the study was measured in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, quality and productivity. The target population in focus included: top University administrators teaching and non-teaching staff members, making a total of 2236. This study adopted a descriptive cross-sectional survey research design using both quantitative and qualitative research methods to address the research questions and objectives.. The study used three sampling techniques, that is, purposive, stratified sampling and simple random sampling. The data collection instruments included interview and questionnaires; the method of data analysis and presentation was descriptive and inferential. Findings revealed that involvement contributes to variation in Employees’ performance in public Universities. It is expected that the study will benefit academicians, and managers of institutions of higher learning in Uganda and beyond. It is recommended that universities are better adapting the culture of involvement of employment to enhance employee output and overall growth and sustainable development of Universities to ably compete locally and globally.

Keywords: Employee, Employee Performance, involvement

Article Review Status: Published

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