The Existence Of Hukum Tua In Villages Government (Study About Hukum Tua On Responsibility Of Government Concept In The District Of Minahasa North Sulawesi Province Year Period Of 1945-2014)


Issues raised in this dissertation research is about tidal of existence Hukum Tua in governance villages in Minahasa, North Sulawesi Province, in various of State over the village setting. This research focus on secondary data from the literature that is supported by primary data obtained from a field research. Specifications of this research is qualitative analysis. Based on statement of problems presented, can be seen that the existence of Hukum Tua in governance villages in Minahasa, North Sulawesi Provinces has been good; responsibility as accountability (accountability) are performed in calculation (account) on the resources or authority to use, accountability as a liability (obligation) for the fulfillment, keeply, and fulfillment of achievement through agreements with the confidence (trust) communities, and accountability as causation (cause) of the aspirations of the people under the demands that have been accommodated in the task to accelerate the realization achievement of the goals and objectives desired. Hukum Tua liability in governance in various arrangements of State over the governance villages which has been from 1945 to 2014 is divided into four periods (1945 to 1979 period, 1979-1999 period, 1999-2004 period and 2004-2014 period) each with different characteristics on the procedural aspect of formal side. The conclusions research indicate that there a negative influence between existence Hukum Tua and enactmen variuos legislation on Local Government and Village Government

Keywords: Authority, Government, Hukum Tua, Village, responsibility

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