Implementation Policies Enhancing Human Development Index In the District Pandeglang Province Banten in Indonesian


The phenomenon that made the object of research is the implementation of policies for enhancing the Human Development Index (HDI) in Pandeglang Banten Province. The research objective was to discuss the implementation of policies for enhancing the Human Development Index conducted by the Social Security program Banten People Unite (Jamsosratu). The study used a qualitative approach. Determination of the research informants thirty four people using purposive sampling technique. Secondary data collection using literature study and study documents. Primary data collection using interviews and observation techniques. The data analysis using descriptive analysis method developed by triangulation analysis. Results of the study are the following: Policy Implementation Improved Human Development Index (HDI) in Pandeglang Banten province, organization, interpretation, application. Activity phase consists of structuring the organization of administrative resources Jamsosratu; forming units Jansosratu in implementing the policy of the provincial, district, township and village; preparation of implementation guidelines and the provision of technical guidance Jamsosratu. Activity interpretation phase consists of determining the location of granting Jamsosratu activity, the activity of the target collection of Poor Households (RTM) Jamsosratu receiver, and activities targeting RTM Jamsosratu receiver. Activities stages of implementation include mentoring activities receiver Jamsosratu RTM, RTM receiver Jamsosratu empowerment activities, and service activities RTM which includes health services, educational services and social services in the insurance field. Organizing activities, interpretation, and application of the policy of increasing HDI conditionally and functional policy is influenced by the content and context of policy implementation. Fill the policy of increasing HDI parameters include: (1) The interests that influence Jamsosratu, (2) Type of benefits recipients Jamsosratu, (3) The degree of change to be achieved through the provision of Jamsosratu, (4) Location of decision-making in the realization Jamsosratu, (5) Performance Jamsosratu program implementers, and (6) The resources used to carry out development activities as well as the provision of services to recipients Jamsosratru. The context of the implementation of the policy of increasing HDI parameters include: (1) The powers, interests, and strategies bureaucratic officials involved in the implementation of policies to improve the functioning Jamsosratu and social empowerment of poor households; (2) Characteristics of the institutions and the regime in the process of policy implementation Jamsosratu, and (3) The level of compliance and responsiveness of implementing the policy.

Keywords: Government, Human Development Index, Policy Implementation

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