The assessment different policy with studies policy on the implementation or formulation of policy. Policy evaluation process in perspective a groove / the cycle of public policy, occupying a position last after the implementation of policy, so that it is only natural if public policy that has been made and executed and evaluated .Evaluation also thought that the the links between the theory (policies) with practice (implementation) in the form of the impact of the implementation of policy, what is the significance is in accordance with who is expected to or not .Also of the evaluation results we can evaluate whether a program policy affording benefit or not its intended for the community .Normatively the function of evaluation is needed as a form of public accountability , especially in the society that became more critical evaluate performance of the government. There was a policy of spatial planning in tangerang is still facing problems in any policy, hence the improvement process are needed to be deep to do .It is indicated by the presence of the problems in the use of space that is indicative of the mismatch of space utilization in locations are allocated as the area, settlement, the warehouse and others .The based on the background, the question of this research is how is the spatial planning evaluation in tangerang ?

Keywords: Evaluation, Policy, Spatial

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