The Palestinian Dilemma “Part One”: “Which Piece Of Land Do You Mean?” The Arab Mentality from Islamization, Palestinianization, to Cantonization


This paper examines at the most complicated and intractable dilemmas for the century from 1914-2014, made by the hand of its people. The researcher debates the Palestinian dilemma which has shaped and created in the Arab-Palestinian mentalities, before its formation on the ground, as well as three chronic and fatal defects in their attitudes: Palestinianization of the (Muslim/Arab) mentality, Islamization of the (Palestinian) Cause, and Cantonization (fragmentation and shorthand the meaning of) the Land. In short, this study plans to explore the Arab-Palestinian dilemma, the “Piece” of “Land” of “Southern Syria” in 1948, the two peoples, the backwardness and modernization of Palestine from Ottoman Empire to Jewish settlement, and the Great Powers and “Refashioning” of “Greater Syria” from 1917-48. However, this work has entirely framed the main aspects and manifestations of the “Palestinian Dilemma” through the three endless imperfections of Arab culture and their attitudes; Palestinianization, Islamization and Cantonization; in the same context, the Palestinians (or even Arabs) have no single answer for the very simple question: “Which Piece of land they mean and want alike?” or which Palestine precisely in “Southern Syria”: Greek “Philistia”, Roman “Syria Palaestina”, Byzantine “Palaestina”, Ottoman-Mamluk province, Jordan, Israel, West Bank or Gaza? Along with the real blame that the Palestinians have dual standards in dealing with their (past) enemy “the Israelis”, they have a stereotype for Jews in terms of their creative energies, perhaps due to religion. The Palestinians in reality rely on Israeli services and products, which appears to onlookers in the Palestinian-Israeli clash as a form of “Mental Schizophrenia”.

Keywords: Cantonization, Islamization, Palestinian Dilemma, Palestinianization, Schizophrenia., chronic

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