It is unconceivable to have a developed state without public policies. Either so name or not, no state that is serious of being named among the well-to-do countries of the world cannot be without strategic plan of development. This wisdom informed the formulation of the various policies in Nigeria. Although the Millennium Development Goals did not have Nigeria-origin, the country, being a strategic member of the United Nations from where Millennium Development Goals originated, has domesticated and incorporated the policy into the various sectors of the country’s national life on which the Goals are applicable. In this paper, data was sourced from documentary materials like books, journals, internet resources, etc,and explanatory technique was used as method of analysis. However, the findings of the paper revealed that Nigeria has made giant strides in achieving some goals of the MDGs; 100% in goal 6, partially in others, but performed below expectations in others. Significantly, the paper is a useful material to the policy makers and researchers who may wish to carry out further research on the topic. Therefore the paper recommended that Nigerian Government should be more serious in eradicating poverty by committing more resources into programmes like the National Poverty Alleviation Programme (NAPEP), National Directorate on Employment (NDE), among others. With adequate funding and effective monitoring and utilization of financial resources committed into making these programmes work, poverty will be reduced to the barest minimum and standard of living of Nigerians improved.

Keywords: Millennium Development Goals (MDGS), Nigeria, Policy Formulation, Policy Implementation, Poverty Reduction, Public Policy

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