Moderating/Mediating Effects of HRM Practices in Organizational Justice on Innovative Work Behaviour among Hotel Industry of Pakistan: Case Study of Karachi


Innovative work behavior and Human Resource Management practices (HRMPs) are affected by organizational justice. These play a very important role in the hotel industry. The paper seeks to explore the moderating and mediating effects of Human Resource Management practices (HRMPs) in organizational justice on innovative work behavior among the hotel industry of Karachi, Pakistan. Furthermore, it is to enhance the understanding of the antecedents of Organizational Justice (OJ), Innovative Work Behavior and Human Resource Management Practices (HRMPs). Quantitative methodology is adopted for this study. A survey questionnaire was adopted to collect data from approximately 52 employees of Hotels located in Karachi. Out of 52 questionnaires distributed, 50 were collected thus; the approximate response rate was about 96%. The analysis is based on responses retrieved from the middle and top-level management of selected hotels. It was observed that there is a significant relationship between organizational justices and innovative work behavior. It was also observed that HRMPs were not moderating significantly between organization justice and innovative work behavior but the mediation of HRMPs was found between them. It is predicted that the findings of this study will be useful not only for the hotels and their employees but also for future research scholars

Keywords: Human Resource Management Practices, Innovative Work Behaviors, organizational justices


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