Migrant Workers (Indonesian Workers) In Madura


The purpose of this study was to find out what the motives of the people to become migrant workers. Finally, identifying the process of becoming a migrant worker. The method used in this study is interviews and literature studies. The informants of this research are people who have become migrant workers and will become migrant workers. Research location in Madura (enclave of Indonesian migrant workers). The results showed that the motivation to become TKI was due to economic factors, prestise factor like to make house and Haji. Besides that they want to develop talent. The countries with the most destinations are Malaysia, and ¬†Saudi Arabia The process of becoming a migrant worker is legal dan illegal. Usually, illegal process use the services of brokers. They don’t want to register themselves. The reason is by using brokers the process is easier and faster. The departure process is legal and some are illegal.

Keywords: Madura, Migrant Workers, Process

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