The Effect of Competency-Based Training (CBT) On Employee Competency and Performance of Emergency Response Directorate of National Board for Disaster Management (BNPB)


This research aimed to analyze the effect of competencybased training (CBT) on employee competency and performance of emergency responsible directorate of national board for disaster management (BNPB). This research applied multivariate dependency statistic technique. SEM allowed analyzing one or more independent variables with one or more dependent variables. This research applied census method because the population was relatively small and had fulfilled the requirement in which it employed BNPB as many as 60 employees of emergency response directorate who had received CBT program on training of rapid response for disaster management. Competency-Based Training or CBT had significant effect on the competency. CBT for the employees of emergency response directorate had no significant effect on employee performance. Competency had a significant effect on employee performance.

Keywords: Employee Competency, Employee Performance, competency-based training

Article Review Status: Published

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