Employment Interview Screening: Is The Ink Worth It?


This article focuses on how employment interview screeners view applicants with tattoos. Tattoos have been in existence for centuries, for they have been traced back to 400 B.C. In some cultures, tattoos have been used to identify criminals; whereas in other cultures, tattoos represent a rites of passage. There once was a time when tattoos were associated with sub cultures, such as gang members or those classified as a menace to society. Today, tattoos are not only worn by the average citizens but also by public servants and individuals in the armed forces. This qualitative study analyzed data from 578 participants while breaking down the data into gender responses concerning the hiring of individuals with tattoos. One major theme emerged from all responses, revealing that 67% of male responses and 33% female are accepting of tattoos during the interview screening process. With today’s acceptance of tattoos, employment interview screeners must consider what impact does a candidates’ tattoo has on the screening process.

Keywords: Employment Screening, Interview, Selection, Tattoos

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