Cameroon in the First World War From the dominant geostrategic challenges to environnemental impact ignored


Through both the empirico-descriptive and deductive approaches, this study aims at showing that Cameroon is both a “colony “and first world war producer and consumer. Regarding the geostrategic challenges that it represented, this country of the Gulf of Guinea was the conspicuous materialization of the export of the great European war to Africa, from the origins to the consequences. Besides, this article discusses an important aspect of this war which has been forgotten; its environmental impact on Cameroon. Based on oral testimonies, war material would be buried in some localities that constituted battlefields between the allied forces and the German army. While opening up avenues for in-depth research, this study makes a non exhaustive inventory of the sites that are likely to undergo the polluting effects of this war in Cameroon.

Citation: Ernest Messina Mvogo  and  Zakaria Beine  (2022) Cameroon in the First World War: From the dominant geostrategic challenges to environnemental impact ignored, Global Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol.10, No.7, pp.1-14

Keywords: Cameroon, Challenges, Consequences, Environment, First World War, geostrategy


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