University Entrepreneurship Education: Points To Ponder


Citation: Suhair Al-Alami and Premila Koppalakrishnan (2022) University Entrepreneurship Education: Points to Ponder, Global Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences,Vol.10, No.2, pp.1-13

Abstract: With globalization, knowledge revolution and technological advancement in mind, the current era requires providing today’s generation with sufficient education of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship readiness amongst other skills. Inspired by this requirement, this paper aims to explore whether it would be appropriate to teach both innovation and entrepreneurship as a general university course requirement to be offered to all undergraduate students apart from their university major. Additionally, this paper aims to highlight several specifications which can be considered whilst designing a general university course with the aim of augmenting and enhancing entrepreneurship education. To achieve these aims, the authors distributed a questionnaire of twelve items to ninety-three undergraduates belonging to different colleges. The results indicated that most of the respondents believed in the importance of teaching entrepreneurship to all students as a general university course requirement, and the vast majority stressed the importance of including innovation as an integral part of a general university entrepreneurship course.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Higher Education, Innovation


Article Review Status: Published

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