Influence of Work-Family Conflict on Turnover Intentions of Female Staff: Evidence from Takoradi Technical University


The purpose of the study was to examine common work-family conflict and turnover intentions mostly experienced by female staff of Takoradi Technical University. The study assessed whether work-family conflict had significant effect on turnover intentions of female staff. Descriptive survey design was adopted for the study. Stratified random sampling was used to select participants from four categories. A total of 125 female staff formed the sample size for the study. Data were gathered through questionnaire administration. The pre-test was analyzed using Cronbach Alpha and the test yielded reliability coefficient\ of 0.88. Data were analyzed using simple linear regression, means and standard deviations and the results were summarized into tables. The findings were discussed in line with the literature. Findings revealed that the problem of balancing the needs of job with family issues was the common work-family conflict experienced by female staff. Female employees mostly have turnover intentions of asking others about new job opportunities. The study found statistically significant effect of work-family conflict on turnover intentions of female staff of the university. It was recommended among others that Management of Takoradi Technical University should organize workshop on management of work-family conflict to equip female staff with the requisite skills to balance home and work activities. Management should make work arrangement family-friendly to help female staff stay longer on the job.

Keywords: Turnover Intentions, Work-Family Conflict, bidirectional, family-to-work conflict, work-family balance

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