The Role Of State Ministry for Village Consultative (BPD) in Accommodating and Channelling Aspirations in Aek Batu Village, Torgamba District, South Labuhan Batu Regency


This study describes the role of State Ministry for Village Consulatative (BPD) in accommodating and channelling aspirations in Aek Batu Village, Torgambab District, South Labuhan Batu Regency. the role of the State Ministry for Village Consultative (BPD) has a strategic position in responding to the needs of the village community in accordance with the situation and conditions of the local community. This type of research uses descriptive research with a qualitative approach. Qualitative research methods. Primary data is data obtained directly in the field obtained directly from informant informants who are directly related to the problem under study. The findings shows BPD is not effectice enough in carrying out functions as accommodating and channeling aspirations of the village society.

Keywords: BPD; society’s aspiration; Labuhan Batu

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