The Effect of Learning Strategy and Intelligence Musical Rhythm of Learning Outcomes Harmony I


Strategy is as a systematic way of communicating the content of the lesson to the students to achieve certain learning objectives. Musical intelligence is present in every person at birth, because it is related to life and soul, most likely musical intelligence is present in the reality before birth and will be together as the essence of the soul after death. The purpose of this research is to know the difference of learning result of Harmony I course between group of students which is taught by contextual learning strategy with group of students which is taught by expository learning strategy which has musical intelligence of rhythm. This study uses quasi experimental research with 2 x 1 factorial design. The results of the study with the calculation of ANAVA at 0.05 stated that the learning outcomes of Harmony I student groups with musical intelligence of rhythms taught by contextual learning strategy is lower than the group of students who were taught by the strategy of learning expository . There is influence between learning strategies and musical intelligence rhythm towards the results of learning Harmony I. Conclusion that students with musical intelligence rhythm more appropriate taught using expository learning strategies.

Keywords: Harmony I, Learning Strategy, Rhythmic Intelligence

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