Ketoprak Dor in Deli Javanese Community from Independence Period till Today Viewed From Phenomenology Perspective in North Sumatra, Indonesia


Through exploring the theory of phenomenology, this study examines and analyzes the existence, motive and meaning of Ketoprak dor performances in Deli Javanese people in North Sumatra from the independence period of 1950 to the present in 2017. The method used in this research is the qualitative method with phenomenology approach. Through the phenomenology approach, the researcher can extract the facts about past events that have a connection with the phenomenon occurs. The whole data in this study were conducted by in-depth interviews to the key informants, observing the performance process and exercises of Ketoprak dor at the research sites and tracing documents from previous research results, from print and electronic media and social media. Data analysis in this research there are three flows of activities that can be done simultaneously, namely: data reduction, data presentation and conclusion or verification. This study finds that the existence of the Ketoprak dor performance from the independence period of 1950 to 2017 is interpreted differently in relation to different social conditions of independence, the New Order of the 1950s to the 1960s until the later period of the 1990s to 2017. The existence of Ketoprak dor in the periods of independence and the New Order is interpreted as a stage arena of Deli Javanese existence that has not been practiced for a long time. The existence of Ketoprak dor in the 1990s until 2017 suffered a setback due to economic growth and brought the impact of elimination of Ketoprak dor performances from the entertainment industry’s growth competition. In 2000s performances of Ketoprak dor which began to be abandoned by its ¬†fans then interpreted as a nostalgic stage in memory of the heyday of Ketoprak dor in the past by the perpetrators who are still faithful in preserving the performance of Ketoprak dor.

Keywords: Ketoprak Dor; Java Deli; Phenomenology Prespective; Culture

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