Mentoring Experiences of Non-Professors of Sport Management in Southern Nigerian Universities: An Empirical Evidence


The study investigated the mentoring experiences of non-professors of sport management in southern Nigerian universities, using cross-sectional survey design. Six research questions guided the study. The population was the entire non-professors of sport management in southern Nigerian universities which as well served as the sample. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire titled “Sport Management Mentoring Questionnaire (SMMQ)” with reliability coefficient of 0.983, established using Cronbach alpha. Data were analyzed using mean and standard deviation. It was found that non-professors of sport management in southern Nigerian universities never experienced formal mentoring, informal mentoring, traditional/face-to-face mentoring,e-mentoring, multiple mentoring, team mentoring, career mentoring, psychosocial mentoring, mentoring activities, initiation, cultivation, separation, and redefinition phase of mentoring. It was recommended among others that universities should formulate or review their mentoring policy and culture ensuring that non-professors have mentors immediately they are employed. A “Centre for Mentoring” especially for sport management should be established by the universities.

Keywords: Mentoring, empirical, mentor, non-professors, sport management

Article Review Status: Published

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