The Thoughts of Syah Wali Allah Ad-Dahlawi About Tauhid as the Foundation of Development


Tauhid is the belief that “there is no god but Allah”. This simple and short statement contains the noblest and richest meaning in all Islamic treasure. In Islam kalimah Shahadah is very popular. All the diversity, richness and history, culture and knowledge, wisdom and civilization of Islam are summarized in this short sentence, namely la ilaha illallah Muhammadar rasulullah (there is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah). The full name of this Islamic reformer from India is Syah Wali Allah al-Dahlawi al-Faruqi,  who was born on 4 Shawwal 114 H (21 February 1703) in a town near Delhi (India) and died on 29 Muharram 1176 H (1706 ) at the age of 61 years. according to the ad-Dahlawi that the importance of the concept of tauhid as the principle of development because it refers to the importance of Muslims to understand and believe that only God’s supernatural power is.

Keywords: Syah Wali Allah al-Dahlawi, tauhid, thoughts

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