Challenges of Climate Change and Industrial Sector Experience: A Review of Evidence from Nigeria


The world climate pattern has continued to generate serious concern in the recent times especially with the increasing effect of human activities on the global environment. Nigeria, as an integral part of the world also had its own share of the evolving challenges of the climate change phenomenon (such as flood, rising sea level and extreme weather events, drought and excess rainfall, temperature rise and precipitation among others)especially its effect on sensitive agricultural resources and production.Therefore,with relative few studies and dearth of information on climate change activities towards industrial sector especially in Nigeria, the study  decided to explore the literature and review various challenges of climate change vis-à-vis the experience of Nigeria’s industrial sector.  Based on the reviewed studies, the industrial activities had negative experience with  challenges of climate change in Nigeria, with many of the climate-sensitive productive materials and critical infrastructure such as agriculture and coastal resources, pipelines, road networks and power plants among others,(that were agents of industrial production) negatively affected. Hence, this reduces the total output of the sector. However, a comprehensive adaptation process of mitigating the negative effect of climate change on Nigeria’s industrial sector is sacrosanct.

Keywords: Adaptation Measures, Climate Change, Green House gasses, Industrial Sector, Nigeria

Article Review Status: Published

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