Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity about Bangladesh


In this paper I have tried to reflect one of the special traditional cultural arts of Bangladesh which almost lost it’s gloom. Based on natural & eco-friendly production elements Jamdani has been being made year after year .The another name of jamdani was Muslin which has taken place in history.I have presented the origin of Jamdani , its golden age & manufacturing process ; along with present limitations. Although the enormous destruction was made by East India Company, It is high time to save this extra ordinary & exponential masterpiece of work through necessary steps nationally & internationally.

Keywords: A piece of Master art(17-18th ) century, Geographical Indicative(GI), Geometric design, Green level & product., Hand maid Fabric(Muslin), Jamdani Taant Bastra Mela, Low cost & insufficient facility, Mughals, Pit & Hand loom, SME

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