Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity about Bangladesh


In this paper I have tried to reflect one of the special traditional cultural arts of Bangladesh which almost lost it’s gloom. Based on natural & eco  friendly production elements Jamdani has been being made year after year .The another name of jamdani was Muslin which has taken place in history.I have presented the origin of Jamdani , its golden age & manufacturing process ; along with present limitations. Although the enormous destruction was made by East India Company, It is high time to save this extra ordinary & exponential masterpiece of work through necessary steps nationally & internationally

Keywords: A piece of Master art(17-18th ) century, Geographical Indicative(GI), Geometric design, Green level & product., Hand maid Fabric(Muslin), Jamdani Taant Bastra Mela, Low cost & insufficient facility, Mughals, Pit & Hand loom, SME

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