Philosophy and Terrorism: In The Light Of Boko Haram Insurgency in Nigeria.


The terrorist group- Boko Haram is absolutely out to destroy the present structure of the Nigerian State. The sole intention of the group is to fanatically islamize the entire country and rule it with sharia law. Their ambition is closely tied to that of the ISIS in Syria and Iraq. All the factors that trigger off terrorists acts elsewhere in the world were not the case in Nigeria. Islamization of a radical nature is their sole aim. Fundamentally, Nigeria is a secular State without any official State religion. So the Nigerian government is fighting this group to save her corporate existence and maintain her secular nature. Ethically speaking, which is the angle of this paper to Boko Haram issue, the Boko Haram sect is ethically blameworthy for declaring war against the Nigerian State as it has no right whatsoever to do so. Also in prosecuting the war, the sect has violated all the universally laid down regulations for a just war and those of the Human Rights. This paper encourages the Nigerian government to employ all the accepted tactics to militarily crush this dangerous sect to submission and quickly address all the contentious issues that facilitate agitations from different sections of the country such as illiteracy, unemployment, environmental pollution and general poverty


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