The Impact of Colonization on the African Writer’s Psychological Behavior


This paper deals with the Impact of Colonization on the African Writer’s Psychological Behavior. It takes the African writer and the major role of the Psychological Behavior as stimulation factor in writing about Colonization. Therefore, colonialism is considered to be a relationship between the indigenous majority and a small number of foreign invaders in which decisions made by colonizers directly affect the lives of the colonized people. European powers became more and more interested in gaining territories for themselves. Many European countries felt that their resources were in short supply after industrialization and were keen to find new resources such as gold and ivory. However, it is probably the combination of several suppositions that is best suited to capture the motivating factors. It becomes us to bear in mind that the conquest of Africa was not carried out by a monolithic entity with a single set of objectives

Keywords: Religion., Slavery, Wealth, Western-Style Education

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