Outsider Characters in Ghalib Halsa’s Novels: The Question as an Example


Fictional characters in general, and the way they are built in a novel, have always been central to the genre production and appreciation. Writers exert strenuous efforts in creating their characters; and critics and readers often look into the artistic features in a literary character. During modernity and post-modernity, ‘outsider’ characters, in particular, have received special attention. Arab novelist Ghalib Halasa was one of the writers who forged a brilliant portrayal of loner characters, especially women. Unlike their marginal status in the society, Halasa’s female characters are influential– an audacious dimension that is worthy of discussion. This study seeks to identify the loner characters, particularly females, in Ghalib Halasa’s novels, taking The Question as an example. Specifically, the study will try to provide answers to three questions:

1. What are the most important levels through which loner characters were depicted?
2. Were loner characters a product of the society?
3. Why was Halasa keen to target female outsider characters, in particular?

Keywords: Ghalib Halsa, Levels of loneliness Outsider characters, Modernism, peripheral characrer

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