The paper represents a synthesis of the scientific and biblical perspectives on the all-important issues of the environment, biodiversity and the necessity of biodiversity conservation. It provides information on why the environment is important to life. It underscores the special importance of biodiversity to humankind. It reviews the various ways biodiversity is being threatened in the planet earth. It provides information on how biodiversity can be effectively managed by humankind at not only the local levels but also at the international level. Besides presenting the scientific view point on all these issues, the paper buttresses the presentation, with the biblical perspective. This is done not only to underscore the importance of effective management of our plant and animal biodiversity, but to let humankind appreciate the fact that the Supreme being who created the planet earth and all that are in it, has it in mind that all our plant and animal biodiversity must be conserved to assure their sustainability on the planet earth.

Keywords: Biblical Perspective, Biodiversity Conservation, Environment, Humankind.

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