Violence and Conflict Resolution in Nigeria: Lessons from Genesis 13:7-9


Conflicts had characterized Nigeria as a nation over the Five decades of her existence. The latent friction as well as coercion that arise as a result of her heterogeneous nature and pluralism had breed conflicts. These conflict indices had almost attempted to rock her very existence and dream of a strong , united and peaceful nation. Major among these conflicts have been recorded on Ethno Religious divides. The extent of destruction of lives and economic property in Nigeria have become unquantifiable. The worrying situation is the fact that Federal Government’s efforts in combating this monster have become an utopia; as frustrations set in and hope of resolving the impasse had become a mirage. This paper through critical historical method of biblical scholarship, exegetically examines the episode involving the conflict as well as quarrel that arose between Abraham and his nephew, Lot and imbibing the lessons drawn from how it was settled to resolve Nigeria excessive conflict.


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