A Glimpse to the Female – Oriented Criticism in Persian Literary Researches


Feminist critical view points and their related concepts have entered into the fields of different brunches of knowledge in recent decades. During this time, literary studies have been too fruitful in feminist theories. Since these subjects are studied in universities too, it seems to be necessary to review critically the works produced based on applying the feminist theories. To have any kind of critical approach towards the application of these theories in literary researches, first of all, we need a precise standpoint. In this article, we have a look at those literary researches done between 1932 to 2012 in which woman in any way is pivotal. We also study the kind and frequency of the concepts related to woman, repetitions and the areas not considered or neglected in the literary researches of the period. Moreover we have made use of diagrams and tables to provide a clearer picture of our analysis. Investigations of researches done reveal a clear pattern of growth for them. Female researchers have been more eager than their male counterparts to study the position of woman in Iranian literature. Statistics also reveals that in the field of Persian Classical literature most of the works done are related to Shahname. It also seems to be room for academic female- oriented researches on the Persian classical poets as Rabia Balkhi and Mahasti Ganjavi. Among the prose texts, HEZAR- O- YEK- SHAB sands at the peak for the number of researches have been done. In addition, female- oriented researches have received its most attention in novels and short stories. Simin Daneshvar, as the first Iranian female writer has done the largest number of researches of the field in question. In contemporary poem, it does not seem to be any especial scarcity of research since most of the poems of Iranian contemporary famous female poets are reviewed critically, with the poems of Parvin Etesami as the bridge between classical and contemporary poem stands at the peak

Keywords: Feminism, Literary Criticism, Literary Researches, Women

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