Exploring Civic Education for Value Clarification and Re-Orientation in Promoting Nation Building in Nigeria


The present Nigerian state has lost her pre-colonial and pre-independence credibility as the country is characterized by selfish, uncaring interpersonal relations as well as materialistic values. This situation has led to serious socio-economic and political upheavals that have hindered development and progress. This paper therefore explored Civic Education with particular reference to value clarification and re-orientation for ensuring nation building in Nigeria. The conceptual framework envisioned the meanings of civic Education, nation building, value clarification and re-orientation. The paper further examined the ideals and values intrinsic in Civic Education before giving justifications for value clarification and re-orientation via Civic Education. Finally, it recommended among others that Nigerians must purify themselves of survival mentality and inculcate value ingredients of Civic Education for nation building.



Keywords: Civic Education, Nation Building, Nigeria, Value Clarification, Value Re-orientation.

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