Evaluation of Agro-Climatological Instruments for Instructional Delivery of Agricultural Education in Colleges of Education in North-East Nigeria


The purpose of the study was to evaluate the agro-climatological instruments for instructional delivery of agricultural education in Colleges of Education in North-East Nigeria. The research design adopted was the survey design. Four research questions guided the study. The area of the study was North-East Nigeria. The population of the study was 185 comprising of lecturers of agricultural education. The instrument for data collection was a structured questionnaire tagged “Evaluation of Agro-climatological Instruments Questionnaire (EIAQ). The instrument was validated by three experts.185 copies of the instruments were administered on the respondents, 120 were retrieved and used for the study as it was a manageable size, therefore sampling was not required. The data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistical tools such as mean scores and standard deviation to answer the four research questions. The results of the study revealed that out of all the 17 agro-climatological instruments recommended for instructional delivery of agricultural education in Colleges of Education in Nigeria, 11 of them were available, 6 were adequate, 8 were functional and 6 were utilized by lecturers. It was recommended that proprietors of the institutions should make available and adequate all the agro-climatological instruments to the Colleges. Lecturers of agricultural education should attend conferences, workshops and seminars to update the skills and capabilities on instructional delivery with agro-climatological instruments.

Keywords: Evaluation, Instruments, agricultural education, agro-climatology, delivery

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