Analysis of Farm Inputs Distribution and Information Linkages among Farmers in Ekiti State, Nigeria.


The study assessed the needs for farm inputs distribution to the farming households of Ekiti State, Nigeria. A simple random sampling of three hundred farmers were undertaken. Descriptive statistics was employed to analyze the obtained data. Result of the socio-economic attributes of the respondents revealed that 46 years was found to be the mean age of the respondents interviewed. It was also revealed that 73% of the respondents were married while 42% of the respondents had secondary education. Majority (46%) of them indicated 6-10 years as farming experience while 40.7% cultivated 1-2 hectares of land. According to the respondents, their major sources of farm inputs are reserve from previous harvest, friends/ relation, open market. Challenges encountered in accessing farm inputs as reported in multiple responses form, are; high cost of farm inputs (67.00%), extension education needs (66.00%), climate change problem (63.00%), limited access to modern agricultural technology (62.33%)

Keywords: Descriptive Statistics, Farm Inputs, information linkages

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