Effects and Dissemination of Argemone/Argemone Ochroleuca Sweet/ In East Gojjam Administarative Zone, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia


Argemone ochloreuca is newly introduced and naturalized in to East Gojjam Administrative Zone into its all 16 rural districts and all four urban administrations. It is disseminated through transportation of construction material (sand) from river side to the place where construction is made. The weed is disseminated through the transportation of construction material (sand) at large.  Argemone ochroleuca is first observed at newly built road side. So its seed dormancy and having soft spine and less awareness of the community make way of prevention and control measures difficult. The best way of controlling argemone weed is reducing its biomass through continuously collecting and burying the weed before fruit setting and firing after collecting in specific area.

Keywords: Argemone ochroleuca, East Gojam Administrative Zone, dissemination, invasive

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