Business Benefit Concerns of Women Processors of African Locust Bean Seeds for Poverty Reduction in Enugu State-Nigeria


The study was carried out to find solution to the business benefit concern of women processors of African locust bean seeds for poverty reduction in Enugu state-Nigeria. Three research questions guided the study. Survey and Quasi-experimental design was adopted by the study. The sample for the study was 326 made up of customers from Ogbete (150), Obollo-afor (80 and Ogige (96) markets all in Enugu state. The instruments for data collection were interview schedule, counterfactual questionnaire items, interest inventory and experimental records. Data were collected by the researchers with the help of two assistants selected based on their familiarity with the study area and ability to interpret the questionnaire items in local dialects of the respondents. Percentage was used for quality analysis of the interview schedule (phase 1A), mean was used to answer research questions one (phase 1B) and three while market record was used to answer research question two. The study found out that customers rejected machine processed locust bean because of sour taste, low keeping quality and contamination among others. The study also showed that when the limitations of machine processed locust bean were eliminated through experiment, customers’ demand for the product increased which was indicated by the interest inventory data. The study therefore recommended that workshop should be organized at the local levels by extension officers for re-training of women processors and machine operators using the identified steps in the experimented processing of locust bean seeds to help overcome the business concerns of the women for poverty reduction in the Enugu state.


Keywords: Business, Poverty, Processing, counterfactual factors, locust bean

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