Government Expenditure in Agriculture Sector of Nepal: An Empirical Analysis


This study examines the logical relationship between Agriculture Production and Government Expenditure in Nepal. The empirical research has  applied Cochrane-Orcutt  auto-regressive model from  panel data for the period 1983/84 to 2013/14. In this regard,  The empirical evidence confirm that the expenditure in agriculture sector is the causes of economic growth in Nepal. More specifically, iteration five gives the D-W value is 1.697 to compared tabulated  dL , dU values are 1.284 and 1.567 at the two independent variables. The D -W value lies between dU and 4-dU, where this is nearest to 2.Sothat, there is no auto-correlation among error terms.  Fact finding to shows that, the checking results homogeneous with theory and healthy and strong of the conclusion.

Keywords: Agriculture Production, Cochrane-Orcutt, Empirical Research, Government Expenditure

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