Effect of Organic and inorganic fertilizer on the yield and nutrient composition of jute Mallow


Soil fertilization influences crop yield and nutrient composition of the leafy vegetable. An experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of organic and inorganic fertilizers on the yield and nutrient composition of Jute Mallow. The treatment consists of eleven fertilizer applications (2.5t/ha OBF, 5.0t/ha OBF, 2.5t/ha OBF +50kg NPK, 2.5t/ha OBF+75kg NPK, 2.5t/ha OBF+100kg NPK,5.0t/ha OBF+50kg NPK, 5.0t/ha OBF+ 75kg NPK,5.0t/ha OBF+100kg NPK,50kg NPK,75kg NPK,100kg NPK ) and a control. Jute seeds were sown into the pots at the rate of two plants per stand. The experiment was arranged in a Complete Randomised Design (CRD) with three replicates. Organic sunshine fertilizer was applied two weeks before planting to allow the fertilizer to mineralize in the soil for prompt absorption of nutrients after planting. Two weeks after planting, the supplementary application of inorganic fertilizer was carried out using compound fertilizer (N: P: K: Mg 12:12: 17: 2).The results demonstrated that at eight weeks after planting (8WAP), plant heights levelled-out across the treatments applied. There was significant difference(p<0.05) in the  number of  leaves per treatment but a comparable highest number of leaves  was found in pots treated with 2.5t/ha OBF+50kg NPK and 5.0t/ha OBF +75kg NPK.Whereas the control pots had the least number of leaves. The effect of fertilizer application significantly influenced the nutrient composition of Jute leaf number, yield performance, plant height, and stem diameter. There was a positive correlation between fertilizer application, crop yield and nutrient

Keywords: Fertilizer, Jute Mallow, Nutrient Composition

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