The economic efficiency of the irrigation system, sprinkler axial in Iraq


Modern irrigation technologies-especially the sprinkler – irrigation system, have proved highly efficient in increasing the productivity of wheat and corn crops in rain-fed areas similarities guaranteed rains in the provinces of Nineveh and Tamem and irrigation areas in Diyala province .

Results of the economic analysis of the high standards of economic evaluation of the Irrigation project more than these before the introduction of the system, where the notes that the internal rate of return for the project was (13.6 %) when using the systems of modern irrigation , also notes the increase in the net present value and net income as well as higher yield dinar investor as costs in this project generates a return of ( 2.02 ) dinars. And payback period of capital was 2.5 years, and this gets when used during the two and a half years only


Keywords: Internal Return, Net Present Value, Return of the dinar, recovery of capital

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