Creativity and Innovation Through Technical and Vocational Education for Sustainable Family Survival in Nigeria


This paper examines importance of Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) as a means of sustaining most families especially with the increasing rate of unemployment in Nigeria. The inferiority myth attached TVET was properly analysed as most family in Nigeria believe in the inferiority myth that vocational and training are meant for people of lower aspiration or less academic abilities. The reality has proven otherwise as TVET is the key that transform the economic development of any nation, alleviate poverty and improve quality of life. Therefore, the orientations have to change, and its time for parents and guardians to encourage the children to learn skills and the government to mobilize resources and pay attention to vocational education as a sure way for family sustainability through personal creativity and innovations on the profession.

Keywords: Creativity, Economy, Innovation, Poverty Alleviation, Unemployment, Vocational education

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