European Journal of Training and Development  Studies is an international platform for reporting high-quality empirical and original research contributions for the benefit of academic, practitioners and those engaged in public policy implementation. The journal publishes research which ranges from theoretical, conceptual and methodological issues. The scope of the journal includes: The determinants of training: This involves identifying and testing the explanatory variables relating to training , analysing specific factors that lead to needs for training and development, analysing processes through which these needs are defined, the training and development implications of performance improvement and the analysis of competence. The scope of Training and development practice includes formulating, developing and delivery of training, the learning and development process itself, competency-based approaches and the evaluation the link between training and individual, corporate and macroeconomic performance. The scope of Policy and strategy includes organisational aspects of training and development, public policy issues, issues of infrastructure and issues associated with training and development profession. It also publishes book reviews of potential interest to readers’ .The journal is published in both print and online versions. The online version of the journal is free access and downloads.

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