The effect of 7E’s use on developing the creative thinking skills for preparatory year students at Najran University


The study aimed to find out the effect of using the 7E’s course on developing the creative thinking skills for students of the preparatory year at the University of Najran in the second semester of the academic year 2019/2020, and the researcher has used the semi-experimental approach. The study sample formed from (80) students of the preparatory year including two classes (control and experimental), the control group included (40) students, and the experimental group included (40) students. The researcher has used the test of creative thinking skills, and the test was applied to an exploratory sample including (20) students from outside the study sample, and the consistency of the test was calculated by using the internal consistency method Alpha Cronbach equation and it was (0.85). The results of the study showed that there are statistically significant differences at the level of significance (≤ 0.05 α) between the mean scores of the experimental group that were studied using the 7E’s course in the pre and post application to test creative thinking skills and in favor of post-implementation. The results of the current study showed that learning mathematics using 7E improves each sub-skill of the creative thinking skills.

Keywords: Flexibility, Fluency, creative thinking skills., originality, seven-year learning

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